As a company, Reflective is dedicated to customer value. As such, the company offers a range of services associated with Prism.


For every Prism installation, Reflective sends a support team to install and configure the product as well as insure that the customer is running code easily. Installation and configuration usually take 90 minutes or less and most customers generate their first reports in a few hours. All set-up charges are included in the subscription price or project fee. If the customer is running Prism remotely via the Reflective ASP, Reflective will activate the account and log-in access within 24 hours of receipt of customer request.


The most powerful element of Reflective's customer support is the ability to push new rules updates immediately to customers. The advantage is that customers do not have to wait for a software release to benefit from new security rules and features. Customers may accept, reject or store each rules release based on their discretion. Customer phone support is available 9 am – 5 pm EST with optional service packages also available. Reflective will also assist customers in issue identification and consultation regarding software quality and security issues on a project/statement-of-work basis.

Custom Rule Templates

Many customers have unique software testing issues and environments. Reflective will create custom rule templates for customers on a per project basis. These rules are designed to be customer-specific and supplement the standard Prism rule set.