Features & Benefits
Feature Benefit
Automated software quality analysis platform No developers are required in order to check source code for problem issues. Prism can be set in-line in the development environment or utilized on a standalonebasis for automatic software quality and security analysis.
Runs multiple quality, security and stability tests on one platform Multiple algorithmic testing means a broader span of issues can be covered with a greater reduction in false positives (issues that are not real problems).
Run speed up to 4,000 lines per second More code can be checked faster.
Multiple language testing Prism can be configured to automatically check any program in C, C++, Java Perl or Python. An investment in Prism is expandable. As other language checkers are developed, they will be seamlessly integrated onto Prism.
Improved code quality via issue knowledgebase and tracking system New rules and vulnerability issues can be pushed immediately to Prism. No need to wait for a product upgrade. User can choose to accept/reject/store the update and deploy at their discretion.
Cross platform technology supports all common operating environments Prism is flexible enough to meet the individual needs of each development organization.
Rationalized, prioritized reports with clickable links to issue detail Assists in locating the issue in the code as well as improving developer knowledge regarding software quality and security issues, their cause and possible remediation strategies.
Results exportable to any bug tracking system Ensures that issues identified are tracked, closed and recorded.
Interface to all standard IDE and configuration management systems Prism can be configured to run in most standard IDEs. Minimizes any disruption to the development process.
Collects key metrics for individual code units across all tested applications Vital for establishing company/department/ workgroup code quality baselines. The enterprise can see current and historical issue data associated with the entire code base, an application group or a single program.
An Easy-To-Use Interface Intuitive. Designed for immediate productivity. No unnecessary data displayed. Screen information can be suppressed or highlighted depending on the user’s needs. No controls to learn or training required.