Prism - Delivering the Information that Matters

Today’s rapid development software environments present real challenges for managing and improving software quality assurance. Reducing issues in software demands a platform that’s fast enough to keep up with automated build systems, flexible enough to adapt to new coding issues, capable of generating actionable information and cost-effective to deploy. Reflective’s Prism 1000 was designed with these capabilities in mind. Prism is fast enough to be used as a daily regression test procedure. The QA team can check more code, more often without impeding development cycle times. With its proprietary adaptive scanning technology Prism can be configured to run multiple tests using different open source, commercial or internal testing algorithms. Code quality assurance standards can be set, enforced and changed all without imposing new tool sets on developers. This means Prism is flexible enough to be configured to match any internal quality test procedures in place now or be expanded to include new automated testing programs the QA team wants to run – all on the same platform.

Prism generates clear, consistent and comparable metrics, no matter what tool set is used to build or fix the software. Regardless of where the code is built or what build/check tools are used by the development team, Prism can be the baseline for all code quality issue data.

Rapid Quality Improvement That is Accountable and Affordable 
Reflective recognizes that quality assurance and security teams must be as accountable as any other group in the IT organization. As such, Prism has been designed to demonstrate clear cost justification. Whether the team is human analysis oriented, software tools focused or uses a mix of detection capabilities, Reflective’s Prism 1000 can fit easily and effectively into any code quality assurance team.

Prism is Easy to Deploy 
In less than two hours, the testing team can be running Prism across different applications with no software to configure, no training to undertake and no rules to generate. Prism is bundled with an annual subscription to the Reflective knowledgebase – the source for new issue updates and new testing rules. Updates can be pushed down to the Prism 1000 as they become available keeping the customer’s rules and instance information continually up to date.

Speed Matters
Using human analysis alone, a typical engineer can check 1 million lines of code in a year. Using a typical desktop tool, a developer can check 1 million lines of code in four months. Prism can check a million lines of code with multiple tests in 90 minutes or less. This means the testing team can check more code, more often, more effectively. Expensive human assets are freed up to focus on higher order issue analysis.

Value Based Pricing 
Prism is delivered either on site or through a secure Web interface. No code has to leave the customer premises. Reflective charges for subscriptions and project fees based on the number of KLOCs (thousand lines of code) and applications analyzed or managed. Flat rate and site license pricing is available based on volume. Reflective’s price point represents a reduction of over 70 - 80% of the cost of performing similar testing functions via human analysis.

Most customers want to trial a product before purchasing a subscription. As such, Reflective also charges on a project basis if that is more appropriate for the customer’s needs.

Reflective is Ready…
Customers who want code quality assurance need a detection management capability that can meet the demands of today’s rapid development environments. Through Reflective, customers generate cleaner, safer code without incurring the licensing, maintenance, training and support expense of purchasing and managing additional code testing tools or relying only on developers to consistently test their own code. Reflective’s Prism 1000 can be a key component in assessing code provided by either outsourced or in-house development teams for quality and security issues. Fast, reliable and cost-effective, the metrics provided by Prism enable customers to set clear code quality baselines, run consistent and repeatable testing programs and gather trend data over time to help drive improvements in code quality assurance. Reflective offers customers what they need - greater flexibility, choice and control over assessing quality and risk in their software applications.