Products and Services Overview

Reflective sells software quality testing products and services. The company’s core product is the Prism 1000 Source Code Analyzer. Essentially, Prism is an automated testing harness capable of conducting both code quality and security analyses on source code. Prism scans, identifies and tracks issues and changes in software as it progresses through each stage of the development lifecycle. This enables development managers, QA engineers and security analysts to quickly and easily identify the issues they care about most in their code and make better decisions as to how best to resolve those issues.

Prism combines an innovative adaptive scanning testing engine, specific software testing modules and a proprietary rules-driven knowledgebase into a single platform that uses multiple testing algorithms to automatically detect issues in code. The use of multiple algorithms in an automated environment for the analysis of source code is an industry “first.”

Reflective’s Services - Often, companies are unsure about the current status of their software from a quality perspective or where and how to begin installing an improved software quality program. To meet this need, Reflective offers a series of software quality assessment and measurement services. Reflective’s analysts are experienced in working across a wide variety of software quality and security challenges. The company can assist clients in checking their code for quality and security issues on a project or single application basis, setting baselines, benchmarks and quality service level agreements (SLAs) for third party application developers, provide deep application security analysis or design client-specific software quality and security programs and processes. The goal of our service team is to help the client define the quality goals they’re after, design programs and processes to help the customer meet their objectives and then assist as necessary in monitoring progress against those objectives.