Management Team
Jeff Radcliffe - COO - Jeff is Chief Operating Officer. He has been a founder of several high-tech start-ups. Most recently Jeff was COO/CTO of logistics software provider 180 Commerce. He has also served as CIO and General Manager of the Atlanta office for strategic Internet services firm iXL.  During his three-year tenure at iXL, Jeff's operational expertise helped grow the company from 50 to 2,800 people generating over $200 Million in revenue including a successful IPO and secondary offering. Jeff was also Founder and CEO of Ratio, a new product design and development company. Ratio's innovative prototypes formed the basis for several highly technical products used in medical research, electronics and engineering testing.

Richard Alber - Director, Program Management - Richard runs Reflective's technology development, intellectual property management and partner programs. A self-described "serial entrepreneur," Richard has founded, grown and run a series of start-up companies from network technology to innovative digital marketing for the real estate industry. Richard was a key leader of the executive team for Yipes, Ping Tone and Blue Ridge Networks. His skill set also includes several years in the pharmaceutical industry where he was a top sales executive for companies such as Kabi Pharmaceuticals.